PATJO Appraisal Services

Residential Valuation Services

PATJO Appraisal Services, Inc. has been providing residential real estate valuation services for over three decades. Properties appraised include single- family homes, 2-4 family dwellings, individual co-operative and condominium apartments and vacation homes. We provide this service to banks, mortgage brokers, attorneys, municipal agencies, and private individuals. The resources available to us include the latest and best computer technology that permit us to generate accurate and reliable reports in a matter of days. Reports are in compliance with USPAP and may be transmitted electronically.

Commercial Valuation Services

PATJO Appraisal Services, Inc. specializes in the valuation of commercial, industrial and special use properties. Property types appraised over the last three decades includes factories, warehouses, garages, shopping centers, convenience stores, restaurants, mixed-use buildings, office buildings, co-operative apartment complexes, conventional apartment buildings, rent-regulated apartment buildings, franchise hotels, single-room-occupancy hotels, gas stations, automatic car-wash, marinas, theatres, churches, vacant commercial land, residential subdivisions, golf courses, conservation easements, agricultural properties and farmlands.

PATJO Appraisal Services, Inc. conducts market studies. These are macroeconomic analyses that examine general real estate market conditions of supply, demand and pricing for a specific area or property type. Market studies may focus on individual submarkets such as market-rate rental apartments, subsidized housing, single-family homes for-sale, condominium apartments, office or retail leasing market. We also undertake feasibility Analyses. These are studies to determine the profitability of a specific real estate project in terms of meeting the investment goals of a specific investor.

Litigation Support

We work with attorneys on cases in litigation. Issues often involve real property tax appeal, condemnation, divorce, dissolution of partnerships, probate, adverse possession, damages, right-of-ways, capital gains, charitable contributions, arbitration and dispute resolutions. From time to time, we appear in court to offer expert testimony at the request of our attorney clients, local, state and federal agencies. We also participate in attorney-client pre-trial conferences.

Condemnation Appraisal

Over the past three decades, PATJO Appraisal Services, Inc. has provided real property valuation services to various municipal and state agencies for condemnation purposes. Many cases involve protecting environmentally sensitive lands, acquiring lands for parks and public buildings and establishing right-of-ways for roads and utility lines. In this context, we have undertaken valuation of Right-of-Ways, Easements, Life Interests, Partial Interests and Air Rights.

Special Purpose Properties

Special Purpose Properties are those with limited marketability. They usually have unique physical design or improvements that are built with special construction material or have layout that restricts utility to the use for which it it was originally designed. At PATJO Appraisal Services, Inc. we have years of experience appraising properties such as churches, marinas, golf courses, theatres, gas stations, prisons, self-storage facilities, car washes, hotels, schools, oil terminals and unsold shares in co-operative apartment complexes.

Real Estate Brokerage

PATJO Appraisal Services, Inc. provides property acquisition advice to prospective buyers and helps to negotiate commercial real estate transaction. We provide commercial lease analysis in the form of market rent determination, ground rent negotiation, lease renewals and extensions, utility charges, extensions and pre-mature termination.

Education and Training

Our team of accomplished professionals with over 50 years of real estate experience and impressive educational background will provide training on demand. We provide specialized real estate seminars to professionals under the Executive Real Estate Seminar Series. We also have instructors of real estate appraiser qualification and continuing education courses and we provide tutoring for state appraiser examination candidates.